Manolis & Eleni

A wedding in Syros | The wedding film

The epitome of beauty is simplicity!
We proudly present the love story of Eleni and Manolis. A romantic dance which magically unraveled on the mesmerizing island of Syros and became a dream come true. Capturing the feeling of pure love, we were astonished at how beautifully the couple blends together and unites to live in harmony. Inspired by the novel masterpiece “The room of the throne” by Tassos Athanasiades, we produced a short film to portray this new beginning of life, a new starting point of happiness and devotion for the newlyweds.
…And they lived happily ever after. Because true love stories never have endings.

The wedding story:


Photographer: @valen_tiny
Venue: Ciel

We cherish what you feel, we capture what you love.

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