Pantelis & Isabela

A wedding in Syros | The wedding film

Amidst the turquoise waters of Syros, Pantelis and Isabella get married, their love as radiant as the sun above. The elegant decor, a soft palette of green and white, set the stage for their union.

The bride, adorned in a sparkling gown, and the groom, dapper in his tailored suit, radiated pure joy. As the sun set, the celebration began, with delicious food, drinks, and non-stop dancing.

In the company of their nearest and dearest, the couple basked in their love, the night filled with laughter and memories to treasure. As the confetti showered down, they left hand in hand, ready to embark on a new life together, forever united by the magic of their wedding day.

The wedding story:


Wedding planner: Christy Lagiou
Photographer: @thanosasfis
Venue: Asteria beach
Catering: Plaza
Florist: Irinella Flowers
Dj: Giorgos Roussos
Sound & light: Diodos
Hairstyle: Iosif Hair Experience
Makeup: Agnis Beauty
Stationary: Bright White

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